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2015, Feature film

The film tells about the events during the war of 1944 in Estonia, viewed by the Estonians fighting at the Red Army and German Army.

Siin me oleme

1978, TV feature

The Spring

1969, Feature film

The first independent feature film directed by Arvo Kruusement is based on the story "The Spring" by Oskar Luts, depicting events of a school year...

The Last Relic

1969, Feature film

The historical-romantic adventure film directed by Grigory Romanov is based on the characters and motifs from the story "Prince Gabriel or the Last...

In the Crosswind

2014, Feature film

It is 3 AM on June 14, 1941. More than 40,000 Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are deported to Siberia by the authorities of Soviet Russia.

Most viewed people

Maiken Schmidt


Merle Palmiste


Dorian Supin


Dorian Supin was born on 25 September in 1948 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg). Two years later, in 1950, the family moved to Estonia where Dorian...

Ursula Ratasepp


Rein Maran


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    In all 105 films were produced (and respective entries were opened in the database) during 2014: 5 full-lenght movies, 3 short movies, 27 documentaries, 9 animation films and 62 students films (30 short films and 13 documentaries among them).

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    According to Google Analytics during 2014 the database was visited by 163 063 people who entered the database 225 642 times. 590 820 different pages were approached. In 2013 respective figures were 111 494 unic visitors, 156 393 visits and 506 296 viewed pages. During 2014 the database was visited from 152 countries.

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    The first Estonian film was shot and released in 1912. This web-based filmography, opened at the end of 2012, covers most of the works made during one hundred years of film production in Estonia. The database is maintained by NGO Estonian Film Database (Project Manager Reet Sokmann, Editor-in-Chief Hagi Shein).
    During the first stage of development full entries of all feature films produced during 100 years and also film chronicles for the period 1912-1940 were completed. The database will be fully elaborated during 2013-2017, but already now the basic information about 15 000 films and newsreels, 6000 filmmakers and more than 200 Estonian film production companies is made available.
    Database is step-by-step translated into English. We started from translation of the synopsysis of all full-lenght movies what are already available. The translation of keywords is in progress.

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Eesti parim kolmanda sektori e-teenus 2015

Republic of Estonia Information System Authority jury comprising industry experts selected the Estonian Film Database to be the winner in civil society e-services category for 2015

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The database is maintained by NGO Estonian Film Database. It was opened on 12.12.2012. We plan to complete it by 2020 but already now the initial entries for about 16 000 films, 9000 filmmakers and more than 200 production companies are available. Translation of film descriptions and keywords into English is an ongoing process. Read more detailed overview.

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