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  • Year Of The Pig
    Year Of The Pig

    Original title: Sea aasta

    2021 | Documentary | Director: Raimo Jõerand

    The film gives us a look into a year in our recent history, namely the year 2019, which polarised our people in politics and between generations. Without choosing sides and without unnecessary explanations the events shown in the film create a thought provoking story about a nations arrival to the end of the industrial age.

  • Vseviov

    2020 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Elen Lotman

    It's David Vseviov's birthday - a day that becomes a journey through stories of time

  • Kodumaa karjed
    Kodumaa karjed

    2019 | Documentary | Director: Marta Pulk

    Who's the man waving the flag?

  • Sparkling Rivers
    Sparkling Rivers

    Original title: Sädemete jõed

    2016 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Märten Vaher

    Georgian environmental activist Dato Chipashvili fights against hundred million investment projects putting the interests of local people and transparency first.

  • The company of Enn Põldroos' gentlemen
    The company of Enn Põldroos' gentlemen

    Original title: Enn Põldroosi härrasmeeste seltskond

    1998 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Rein Raamat

    The exhibition of Enn Põldroos' paintings "31 gentlemen" held in Tallinn Art Hall gallery.

  • City Unplugged
    City Unplugged

    Darkness in Tallinn

    1993 | Feature film, Full lenght feature | Director: Ilkka Järvilaturi

    The action film directed by Finnish filmmaker Ilkka Järvi-Laturi tells the story how the national gold reserve arrives at Tallinn after Estonia has regained its independence and how the local mafia has extensive plans to steal it. Soome režissööri Ilkka Järvilaturi märulifilm Eesti kullavarude jõudmisest Tallinna pärast taasiseseisvumist ja kohaliku maffia suurejoonelisest plaanist kuld röövida.

  • Latvian meeting at the time of barricades in Riga 1991
    Latvian meeting at the time of barricades in Riga 1991

    Title in Estonian: 6. Kanada lätlaste koosolek Riia jaanuarisündmuste 1991 ajal

    1991 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

    Expatriate Latvians in Canada have gathered in a hall in Toronto in order to discuss the political situation in Latvia, namely the dramatic events in Riga in January 1991.

  • Keeleseaduse vastuvõtmine Ülemnõukogus.
    Keeleseaduse vastuvõtmine Ülemnõukogus.

    1989 | Newsreels, Newsreels 1940 II half-1991 | Director: Heli Speek

  • Memorial Concert in Tallinn Linnahall for the 40th Anniversary of March Deportation, 1989
    Memorial Concert in Tallinn Linnahall for the 40th Anniversary of March Deportation, 1989

    Title in Estonian: Märtsiküüditamise 40. aastapäeva mälestuskontsert Tallinna linnahallis 1989

    1989 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

    Commemoration concert held for 40th anniversary of March deportation. The concert is held in Tallinn Linnahall on March 25, 1989.

  • 9th Baltic Conference in Stockholm in 1987
    9th Baltic Conference in Stockholm in 1987

    Title in Estonian: 9. Balti konverents Stockholmis 1987

    1987 | Amateur film, Newsreel | Director:

    Lectures and events of 9th Baltic Conference take place in Stockholm Stock Exchange Building, Stockholm Town Hall and Stockholm University on June 1-4, 1987.

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