The Database suggests: movies featuring Estonian history

Estonian and international audiences have always been keen on Estonian historical films. Here you could find the most outstanding production of Estonian full length feature films done during last 15 years and regarding the Estonian history.


  • 1944

    2015 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Epic, historical, War | Director: Elmo Nüganen

    The film tells about the events during the war of 1944 in Estonia, viewed by the Estonians fighting at the Red Army and German Army.

  • In the Crosswind
    In the Crosswind

    2014 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Epic, historical | Director: Martti Helde

    It is 3 AM on June 14, 1941. More than 40,000 Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are deported to Siberia by the authorities of Soviet Russia.

  • Tangerines

    2013 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, War | Director: Zaza Urušadze

    The film is an Estonian-Georgian co-production about a wise Estonian man living in an Abkhazian village during the turbulent times of Abkhazian-Georgian military conflict in the autumn of 1992. The Estonian takes care of two wounded enemies, trying to help both men to find a human solution in this ruthless war.

  • Living Images
    Living Images

    2013 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Epic, historical | Director: Hardi Volmer

    The historical drama directed by Hardi Volmer is a love story combining the elements of epopee and comedy, the grotesque of early silent film and the melodrama of the golden era of cinema.

  • Purge

    2012 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Drama | Director: Antti J. Jokinen

    The feature film directed by Antti J. Jokinen is based on the novel "Purge" (by Sofi Oksanen) that has been translated into more than 20 languages and that has received numerous literary awards, telling about political terror against a small nation and about mental as well as physical violence towards an individual.

  • Underwater Flights
    Underwater Flights

    2012 | Feature film, Short, Epic, historical | Director: Jaak Kilmi

    Film consisting of ten parts about the events in the history of Estonian aviation and shipping in 1820–1938.

  • December Heat
    December Heat

    2008 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Thriller, Epic, historical | Director: Asko Kase

    The first full-length feature directed by Asko Kase is an enthralling action drama based on true historical events about the Communist rebellion in Estonia held on December 1st, 1924.

  • Men at Arms
    Men at Arms

    2005 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy, Epic, historical | Director: Kaaren Kaer

    The comedy directed by Kaaren Kaer and produced by Õ-Fraktsioon tells the story about the role of Estonians in European politics in 13th century through a witty parody about the cliches of historical films and the myths concerning the war of Estonian independence.

  • August 1991
    August 1991

    2005 | TV feature, TV feature, Drama | Director: Ilmar Raag

  • Names in Marble
    Names in Marble

    2002 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Epic, historical, Drama, War | Director: Elmo Nüganen

    The debut film by director Elmo Nüganen is based on the novel "Names in Marble" by Albert Kivikas. The film is a patriotic war drama telling the story of schoolboys in the Estonian War of Independence and of the days and nights of these young volunteer fighters. The film is full of dangers, challenges, pain and exaltation, entwined by a beautiful story of young love.

  • All My Lenins
    All My Lenins

    1997 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Comedy, Thriller | Director: Hardi Volmer

    The second full-length feature film directed by Hardi Volmer is an adventure comedy telling the story of Aleksander Kesküla, the legendary Estonian nationalist in early 20th century, and about his international intrigues when trying to form an independent national state.

  • Awakening

    1989 | Feature film, Full lenght feature, Drama | Director: Jüri Sillart

    The debut film by director Jüri Sillart depicts an Estonian village on the fatal day of March 25, 1949, when ten thousands of people were deported to Siberia.

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