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All My Lenins (1997)

Original title: Minu Leninid

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Feature film | Thriller | Comedy Duration 98:16

All My Lenins

Young and active nationalist Aleksander Kesküla makes up his mind to use Lenin, the Bolsheviks' leader, in order to start a revolution in Russia with German money and create a new national state of Estonia in the north-east of Russia. For security reasons, five counterparts will be found and trained for Lenin; all of them are finally sent to Russia for participating in the revolution. How will the real Lenin put up with all this? How will the surrounding women and fellow fighters react? These are the questions clever Kesküla is asking - and the answers will be born even ...

Director: Hardi Volmer

Keywords: agent | Bolsheviks | diplomacy | emigrants | learning to imitate | imitating | school | man-woman relationship | meeting of the Communist Party activists | politician | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Faama Film, Lenfilm (Russia)
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Thriller, Comedy
Text / Dialogue Estonian, German, English, Russian, French
Subtitles Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian
Duration 98:16


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Producer Mati Sepping
Director Hardi Volmer
Screenwriter Toomas Kall | Ott Sandrak | Hardi Volmer
Cinematographer Arko Okk
Production Desinger Toomas Hõrak
Costume Designer Hannes Võrno
Composer Thomas DeRenzo
Sound Designer Ivo Felt
Editor Marju Juhkum
Content Editor Tõnu Karro


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Elektra - Katherine | Epp Eespäev - Katherine's mother/Kesküla's wife | Peeter Laurits - Lenin III (Beggar) | Lauri Nebel - Lenin IV (Criminal) | Jüri Järvet jr - Lenin V (Electrician) | Eero Spriit - Lenin VI (Monk) | Omar Volmer - Wallace, American industrialist | Jaan Rekkor - Katherine's father | Sulev Luik - Zimmermann, Jagow's deputy

First releases

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  • in cinema: 2.10.1997, Cinema Kosmos, Tallinn, Estonia
  • at other places: 02.1998, Stockholm, Sweden
  • at other places: 23.02.1998, Culture Centre Andalūzijas Suns, Riia, Latvia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Prize, Annual Award of AV Division of Estonian Cultural Endowment (Estonia), 1997, Toomas Kall, Hardi Volmer, Viktor Suhhorukov
  • Award, Ursa Major - Cultural Award of Estonia (Estonia), 1997, Best Director; Best Production Design; Best Actor: Viktor Suhhorukov
  • Award, Baltic Pearl Film Festival (Riga, Latvia), 1998, Special Mention - Viktor Suhhorukov

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