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Out of the hole (2013)

Original title: August välja!

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Documentary Duration 28:00

"Does the geniuses have the right for their own theatre?" asks Leida Rammo (1924), the oldest performing theatre actress in Estonia. And she's got the answer as well: "Yes, they do!" Tallinn City Theatre has its own genius - the stage director Elmo Nüganen. However, he has no proper house for the theatre, nor a big stage and a theatre hall. It has to be pulled out from a hole, says the Grand Old Lady and prepares herself for conquering administrative agencies. The vigorous actress writes official letters, goes to meet the administratives of the city government, consults the editor-in-chief ...

Director: Peter Murdmaa

Keywords: officials | discussion | car ride | imagination | cultural luminaries | artist | artist at work | artist's studio | singing | mayor | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Myth Film
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 28:00


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Producer Peter Murdmaa
Director Peter Murdmaa
Screenwriter Peter Murdmaa
Cinematographer Peter Murdmaa | Meelis Mikker
Sound Designer Tiina Andreas | Jan Andresson
Editor Helle Karis

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