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Out of the hole (2013)

Original title: August välja!

Documentary Duration 28:00


"Does the geniuses have the right for their own theatre?" asks Leida Rammo (1924), the oldest performing theatre actress in Estonia. And she's got the answer as well: "Yes, they do!" Tallinn City Theatre has its own genius - the stage director Elmo Nüganen. However, he has no proper house for the theatre, nor a big stage and a theatre hall. It has to be pulled out from a hole, says the Grand Old Lady and prepares herself for conquering administrative agencies. The vigorous actress writes official letters, goes to meet the administratives of the city government, consults the editor-in-chief of a business newspeper, and meets a millionaire. Leida Rammo does everything in order the new theatre building would be built in the construction spot that has been empty for the last 20 years. That is the dream that the theatre people have had for a long time.

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