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    2015 | Students film, Short | Director: Liva Kalnina

    We are all mutually connected with invisible and delicate lines. Even if we never meet, our actions and only the plain existence can influence and even change the lives and realities of other people. The small, mysterious coincidences make our lives real. They let us realize that we are all sharing the same space and time – the same universe.

  • About film: Tõnu Virve
    About film: Tõnu Virve

    Original title (in Estonian): "Filmist: Tõnu Virve"

    2015 | Students film, Exercises (factual/documentary) | Director: Rebeka Rummel

  • Alicia

    2015 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Mariliis Kundla

  • Closure

    2015 | Students film, Short | Director: Oscar Henri Wollsten

    An insignificant janitor needs recognition from other people to validate his own existence.

  • Commune

    Original title (in Estonian): "Kommuun"

    2015 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Kairi Kivirähk

  • Elephants don’t forget
    Elephants don’t forget

    Original title (in Estonian): "Elevandid ei unusta"

    2015 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Kristel Muiste

  • Englas. Old Warrior
    Englas. Old Warrior

    Original title: Englas. Vana sõdur

    2015 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Peeter Simm

    This is the story of the two times wrestling World Champion August Englas.

  • Highway Patrol Officer
    Highway Patrol Officer

    Original title: Kiirtee kordnik

    2015 | Documentary, Portrey | Director: Meelis Süld, Meelis Muhu

    Motorcycle policemen are observing the drivers exceeding the speed limit on the roads.

  • Interview with Hardi Volmer
    Interview with Hardi Volmer

    Original title (in Estonian): "Intervjuu Hardi Volmeriga"

    2015 | Students film, Exercises (factual/documentary) | Director: Mona Mi Mikkin

  • Interview with Kersti Miilen
    Interview with Kersti Miilen

    Original title (in Estonian): "Intervjuu Kersti Miileniga"

    2015 | Students film, Exercises (factual/documentary) | Director: Brit Maria Tael

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