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  • Wednesday

    2021 | Feature film, Short | Director: Eeva Mägi

    Jaanus spends the last day with his wife Karin at home. In the midst of common eiders, seagulls, fishing nets and summer breeze, they send Karin's soul to the eternity. An everyday life full of bitter sweet love falls with the setting sun into the depths of the sea.

  • One day on the ice
    One day on the ice

    Original title (in Estonian): "Päev jääl"

    2012 | Students film, Documentary | Director: Ivan Panasjuk

  • The Measure of Man
    The Measure of Man

    Original title: Inimese mõõt

    2010 | Documentary, Problem oriented | Director: Marianne Kõrver

    Is the global environmental crisis concerning just our environment or is it also the crisis of our habits, expectations and values?

  • Fish On!
    Fish On!

    Original title: Kalarahvas

    2008 | Documentary, Anthropological | Director: Liivo Niglas, Diane Perlov, Frode Storaas

    The Klamath River of Oregon and California is one of the most important salmon runs in the United States.

  • On the shore of the Sea of Japan
    On the shore of the Sea of Japan

    Original title: Jaapani mere kaldal

    1980 | Documentary | Director: Toomas Tahvel

    Documentary shows the life and work in the collective fishermen's farm and tells about those who emigrated from the islands of Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Muhu to the Far East at the end of 19th century.

  • Kotka kalakasvatus
    Kotka kalakasvatus

    1979 | Newsreels, Newsreel 1940 II half-1991 | Director: Valeria Anderson

  • Kalakaitseinspektor

    1978 | Documentary | Director: Valentin Kuik

  • The Winds of Milky Way
    The Winds of Milky Way

    Original title: Linnutee tuuled

    1977 | Documentary, Anthropological | Director: Lennart Meri

    The sequel to „The Waterfowl People“. The author of the film interprets the kinship, linguistic and cultural relations of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Finns, Vepsians, Votes, Setos, Erzya-Mordvinians, Mansis, Hungarians, Sámi, Nganasans and Estonians appear in the film. The film was shot in 1977 on locations in northern Finland, Sámi, Vepsia, Votia, Mordovia, Khantia-Mansia, Hungary, the Taymyr Peninsula, Setomaa region in Estonia and in Saaremaa and Muhu islands, Estonia. Some footage was also filmed in Nenetsia in 1970.

  • Herring Fishery
    Herring Fishery

    Original title: Heeringapüük

    1968 | Documentary, Other categories, Commissioned | Director: Toivo Kuzmin

    Soviet Estonian fishing trawler fishing herring out in the North Sea.

  • Nõukogude Eesti
    Nõukogude Eesti

    1965 | Newsreels, Newsreel 1940 II half-1991 | Director: Vladimir Parvel

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