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Hendrik Mägar


Year Film title Type Crew Actor
2021 "Tell Me" Documentary Post-production Producer
2020 "A Loss of Something Ever Felt" Documentary Editor
2020 "Christmas In The Jungle" Feature film Editor
2019 "A Year Full of Drama" Documentary Editor
Post-production Producer
2019 "Scandinavian Silence" Feature film First Assistant Director
2018 "Portugal" Feature film Editor
2018 "The Bank" TV Serial Editor
2018 "True" Feature film Editor
2017 "Life in the Factory Basement" Documentary Editor
2016 "The Days That Confused" Feature film Editor
B Camera Operator
2015 "1944" Feature film Assistant Director
2015 "Ghost Mountaineer" Feature film Script Consultant
2015 "The monkey, who played Russian roulette" Students film Editor
2014 "In the Crosswind" Feature film First Assistant Director
2014 "Nullpunkt" TV Serial Editor
2014 "Zero Point" Feature film Editor
First Assistant Director
2013 "Diana and the City" Students film Editor
2013 "Hearts in Vain" Students film Editor
2013 "House of Cards" Students film Producer
First Assistant Director
2013 "INSIDE + OUT" Students film Editor
2013 "My Condolences" Feature film First Assistant Director
2013 "Pussy" Feature film
Students film
2013 "Sirens" Students film First Assistant Director
2013 "The Last Romeo" Students film Assistant Director
2012 "Purge" Feature film Location Administrator
2012 "The Other Side of the Rainbow" Students film Editor
2011 "Everything is possible" Students film Editor
2011 "Graveyard Keeper's Daughter " Feature film Clapper
2011 "Jaan from Hell" Students film Editor
Assistant Art Director
2011 "Off to Leipzig" Students film Editor
Visual effects
First Assistant Director

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