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  • Gints Grūbe  was born on December 31, 1972 in Cēsis Latvia. He has TV and film industry experience for almost 20 years. In 2000 he started his own production company Mistrus Media that for seven years co-produced TV program "The Evening Interview" broadcasted on Latvian TV. The National TV and Radio Council have repeatedly awarded the program as the best TV program of the year and Gints Grūbe was acknowledged the best television broadcast host. Since 1998 Gints Grūbe has been scriptwriter, producer and director for more than 10 documentaries. He is well known for documentary “Sounds Under The Sun” (2010, co-directed with Dāvis Sīmanis) that has received international recognition and has often been broadcasted abroad. His latest documentary “Larger than Life” (2014) is about the outstanding Latvian theatre director Alvis Hermanis and his directing method which has lead to recognition of his work worldwide. Gints has a notable experience in script writing and directing and possess a deep knowledge in politics, history and cinema.

    Filmography (selected titles):

    in production    Dangerous liaisons, 52’, documentary, dir. Juris Pakalniņš, script consultant
    in production    Chronicles of Melanie, 100’, fiction, director Viesturs Kairišs, co-producer
    in development    People From Nowhere, 90’, documentary, scriptwriter
    in development    Lustrum, 70’, documentary, director
    in development    The Boy with The Dog, 90’, fiction, dir. Dāvis Sīmanis, producer
    2015    My Father the Banker, dir. Ieva Ozoliņa, producer
    2014    Over The River, Over The Roads, 140’, documentary, dir. Sergei Loznitsa, Jon Bang Carlsen, Rainer Komers, Audrius Stonis, Jaak Kilmi, Bettina Henkel, Ivars Seleckis, co-producer
    2014    Escaping Riga, 70’, fiction documentary, dir. Dāvis Sīmanis, producer
    2014    Larger than life, 52’, documentary, director, scriptwriter
    2013    Better Neighbours, 52’, documentary, dir. Linda Olte, co-writer
    2010    Sounds Under the Sun, 62’, documentary, co -director in co-operation with Dāvis Sīmanis
    2010    Born in Riga, 34’, documentary, dir. Dāvis Sīmanis, scriptwriter, producer
    2009    1 x 1, 52’, documentary, scriptwriter, co-director in co-operation with Daina Rašenbauma
    2008    The Question of Time, 52’, documentary, dir. Juris Pakalnins, co-writer

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