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Balls (1973)

Original title: Pallid

Animation Duration 07:43


The characters of this film are the balls. They pass the author's idea - the relations between people are fragile and it is very difficult to correct relations once destroyed - are expressed by movements, colours and music.

Director: Heino Pars

Keywords: conflict between good and evil | condemnation | getting killed | regret | evil | victory of good over evil | reading a poem | playing | becoming friends | consequence | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Dubbing Russian
Duration 07:43


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Director Heino Pars
Screenwriter Heino Pars
Cinematographer Arvo Nuut
Art Director Silvia Väljal | Georgi Štšukin
Animator Aarne Ahi | Heikki Krimm | Tõnis Sahkai
Composer Arvo Pärt
Sound Designer Ülo Saar
Content Editor Silvia Kiik
Managing Director Vladimir Korinfski

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