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Bare yourself (2010)

Original title in Estonian: Hingelt ära

Students film | Drama Duration 15:56

Plot summary

This short film is about fidelity and trust.

The main character in the film is 36 year-old Toomas (Meelis Rämmeld). He is married to a 34 year-old woman (Sandra Üksküla-Uusberg) and is the host of the radio talk show “Bare yourself”. He lives his life by the principles of order, honor and absolute trust between him and his wife. He believes that love can be defined within boundaries: if you stick to your convictions, you can prevent any problem.
One morning, the topic of Toomas’s radio show comes up in conversation. Toomas claims that people are open with him as the host and that they willingly trust him with their stories. Sandra is doubtful. She thinks that people don’t always say everything they’re thinking, especially not on the radio. Toomas is bothered by his wife’s skepticism and he starts to question her trust in him and whether she’s kept any secrets from him. Sandra is resolute and claims that no one talks about everything nor is there any need to do so. Toomas keeps at it - what wouldn’t Sandra tell him? After a lot of coaxing, she finally lets in and describes the previous night’s erotic dream where she had intercourse with another man. After this confession, Sandra develops the feeling that she is constantly hiding something from Toomas; something she can’t really control, herself, because we can’t control or guide our dreams. They come and they are. The ambiguity of the situation wears on Toomas’s understanding of the world. He gradually becomes paranoid and jealous. The paranoia worsens. Until one day a man calls Toomas’s radio show and describes his dream, which is very similar to the dream that Sandra described that morning. Since Toomas has always tried to avoid or explain away everything that doesn’t make sense in his life, then the arrival of doubt makes his jealousy, and the knowledge that he can’t control everything that has to do with his wife, become outright crippling...

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