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Bees of Sound (1987)

Title in Estonian: Heli mesilased

Documentary Duration 24:54

Gustav Ernesaks once greeted the young participants in song celebration: "Welcome, you vivacious bees of sound! You have gathered, note by note, the honey of song to our joint honeycomb of song with such hard work and care!" Music teacher Heli Teppo and Andres Piigli, pupil of Rõuge basic school, express their memories about the youth song celebration in 1987, that brought a new swarm of bees of song to the song festival ground. They are interviewed by Lehte Hainsalu.

Director: Toomas Lepp

Keywords: maternal care | emotional | Japanese woman | hare | home and family | home farm | homework | sticking together | youngsters | choirs singing on the stage of the Song Festival Grounds | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Telefilm
Color color
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 24:54


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Director Toomas Lepp
Screenwriter Toomas Lepp | Heidi Pruuli
Cinematographer Enn Putnik | Sven Paldis
Sound Designer Indrek Parmas
Editor Margit Maran
Content Editor Enn Vetemaa
Managing Director Andres Sauter

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