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Something is Rotten or All the Lie About Hamlet (2000)

Feature film | Comedy Duration 34:41

Something is Rotten or All the Lie About Hamlet

A story about a man who hated happiness because he considered it to be amoral. The black comedy with English actors turns the famous story by Shakespeare about Prince Hamlet completely upside down. It turns out that Shakespeare understood everything totally wrong at his time. There is no reason to hold Hamlet as a hero, since he does not want to pay back for his father's murder not to become a king. The central character of the story is Horatio who acts in order to establish justice and save the country's moral.

Director: Ilmar Raag

Keywords: immorality | mother-son relationship | getting killed | pretending to be insane | English actors | entangling in intrigues | father's spirit | passion | queen | high-flown ideas | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Kinomees
Film Category Feature film, Short
Genre Comedy
Text / Dialogue English
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 34:41


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Producer Peeter Palusaar | Ilmar Raag
Director Ilmar Raag
Screenwriter Ilmar Raag
Cinematographer Madis Mihkelsoo
Art Director Liina Unt
Costume Designer Liina Unt
Composer Glen Pilvre | Priit Pajusaar
Editor Rainer Kask | Hendrik Reindla


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Karin Martinson - toaneitsi | Tõnis Kipper - kunstnik

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  • on television: 29.10.2000, ETV, Estonia
  • in cinema: 29.10.2000, kino Scala (Kuressaare), Estonia

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