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Especially plump (2023)

Original title in Estonian: Eriti rammus

Students film | Comedy Duration 19:16

Plot summary

Young politician Rasmus is abandoned by his girlfriend Julia in the middle of sex. The reason is Rasmus' bulky body weight. Rasmus has to be comforted by his friend and colleague Jon, who unknowingly gives Rasmus the idea to create an OnlyFans account. Drunk Rasmus takes pictures of himself and uploads them to OnlyFans. The next morning, Rasmus wakes up as a star - in a strange way, his body appeals thousands of people. Jon is overjoyed, but party leader Martin gets angry - the party's reputation is at stake. Julia is mean and shocked. Rasmus arrives at the party office to talk to Martin. Martin promises to expel Rasmus from the ranks of the party if Rasmus does not delete the account and threatens Jon with the same. If Jon is afraid, Rasmus is ready to put an end to his political career. Martin gets a call from the party's financier, who doesn't like that Martin doesn't control the party's activities and loses his popularity to an ordinary young politician. He gives Martin 24 hours to resolve the situation. Martin, in a state of shock, also takes pictures of himself and uploads them to the OnlyFans page.

Keywords: humour | politician | policies | biggest problems in society | View all »

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