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Not too hard and not in the face (2022)

Original title in Estonian: Mitte näkku ja mitte väga valusalt

Students film | Drama | Fantasy Duration 15:39

Plot summary

The 30-year-old protagonist Slava wakes up in a strange place with missing memories from last night. He’s taken to a hospital where Slava learns that in this odd, even dystopian world he has awakened, all the men have gone extinct long ago, leaving him the only man left in the world.
What follows, is a frantic journey leading him to discover meaning in oneself. This new world that seems to be filled with memories and confusion from past and present. As he starts to find himself in evermore confusing circumstances he slowly starts to understand and accept where things started to go wrong for him as well as what he’s really feeling.
The amounting tension and absurdity of his surroundings lead Slava to give serious thought to his life as the women who mirror his innermost fears and feeling give him the necessary hit to return to reality.

Keywords: self-discoveries | introspection | young man | parallel universe | introspections | unrequited love | View all »

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