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Lost in the Rust (2021)

Students film | Comedy Duration 24:30

Plot summary

Metal-stealing companions fight over a tractor.

Although being able to borrow a tractor from his partner in crime Andrejs, Nauris dreams of one day owning a tractor that's all for himself. The two simple countryside men head out for their usual metal-stealing endeavours until having had one drink too many Nauris snaps over Andrejs mistreating the tractor. What might have been the usual countryside fight over a meaningless dis- agreement,gets out of control and turns into a murder scene. While a horrifying event, Nauris feels victorious as he is now just a few steps away from finally owning his own tractor. With the idea of getting rid of the body of Andrejs, he starts driving towards the swamp,facing various obstacles on the way, until the tractor inevitably gets stuck in the mud. In the midst of trying to get the tractor out, the barely breathing Andrejs wakes up and charges towards Nauris in adesperate attempt of vengeance.
However the attackis quickly stopped by Nauris who delivers a final blow to Andrejs with an axe and afterwards drags his body into the swamp. Unable to get the tractor out, Nauris seeks help from three local hunters, who decide to give him a helping hand in exchange for a bottle of vodka. Having reached the swamp Nauris realizes that the tractor is no longer there and all that is left is the trailerfull of metal. The pissed off hunters force Nauris to pull the trailer out of the swamp as a punishment for littering the woods, while against all odds Andrejs has managed to survive.

Keywords: love | hunters | fight | crime | rural area | metallivargused | forest floor | murder attempt | murderer | drunk people | swamp | summer | night | View all »

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