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Floor No 9 (2021)

Original title in Estonian: IX korrus

Students film

Lili is getting ready for a romantic getaway with her new lover, meanwhile the father who was supposed to take care of their 4-year old son with a hearing impairment has an unexpected work trip and brings Paul back. Lili is now left with two polar opposite scenarios - weekend with her charming lover or staying home with needy and annoying Paul.

Director: Vivian Ruumet

Keywords: lover | dilemma | child | mental disorders | freedom | single mother | loneliness | View all »

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Production Firm(s) TLÜ Balti filmi, meedia, kunstide ja kommunikatsiooni instituudi (BFM) audiovisuaalse meedia õppekava
Film Category Students film, Short
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles Estonian, English


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Producer Maiken Palm
Director Vivian Ruumet
Screenwriter Vivian Ruumet
Cinematographer Gert Tali
Art Director Linda Mai Kari
Sound Designer Carol Alice Tõniste
Editor Vivian Ruumet

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