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How To Be Naked (2020)

Original title in Estonian: Kuidas olla alasti

Students film Duration 08:51

Plot summary

A short creative documentary that explores the process of getting mentally and physically naked.

“How To Be Naked?” is about an old actor who tries to be fully himself, in other words tries to be conscious of his subconsciousness. The short creaLve documentary consists of three condiLons of the main character Aleksander who is struggling with his personal unknown demons.
The first state of mind is the most conscious one, a tip of the iceberg. This state is divided into three spaces, first one is recorded in Aleksander’s country house, he is wearing a winter jacket to protect himself from his inner demons. In this space he can feel the presence of the demons, but doesn’t face them. He is the furthest away from himself.
The second space of the conscious state is recorded in a theatre where Aleksander has worked his whole life. There he is wearing a shirt. An actor who is trying not to act. He touches his demons lightly.
The third space is a white room. His upper body is naked. He develops emotional connections with his memories, that is the closest he gets to his nature/subconsciousness consciously. That is his limit. There is an in-between state between the conscious and the subconscious, where he doesn’t move or verbalise anything, but everything is there. Aleksander’s subconsciousness is depicted in the river that is forever flowing. He is naked and connected to himself, it is the most intense but at the same time clear and peaceful state, a sub current that is always there but he can’t connect with it consciously, because it hurts too much to go there. 

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