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Only One (2020)

Original title in Estonian: Ainult üks

Students film | Comedy Duration 10:01

Plot summary

An absurd chain of misunderstandings between two girls.

Juulia (Elis Järvsoo) spills beer on Anni (Katrin Koskela) in tram. Annie talks with Kim (Liisu Krass) on phone. Anni enters the bar, sees Kim and Eric (Eric Romero), goes to get a drink. Other guy spills wine on her. Juulia appears next to her while Anni is at the bar. Annie goes back to her friends. Kim takes Annie to bathroom, they take cocaine. Anni and Eric parties together and get intimate with each other. Eric goes to get another drink. Annie sees Juulia slap’s Eric’s butt . She gets mad and throws beer at her. The film rewinds back to the tram. The conversation between Juulia and her friend reveals that Juulia is lesbian and she liked Anni. Juulia’s friends in bar encourage her to go speak with Anni. Annie doesn’t respond, Juulia comes back to the table, starts drinking and gets drunk. Juulia sees Eric. Another conversation between Juulia and her friend reveals that Eric is her old friend. Drunk Juulia slaps Eric’s butt. Annie throws a beer to Juulia, then Kim throws another one. Juulia attacks Kim and the fight starts. Annie gets Eric up, kisses him and drags him out.

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