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Master thesis film, directed by Reeli Reinaus, is portrait of well known blogger Merilin Taimre, also known as Paljas Porgand.

Most people dream about having a job which would be their hobby as well, and their lifestyle the source of their income. Many dream, but few of them really succeed. People often find excuses why this is not possible, they have lack of courage or this in not economically feasible. But actually there are no excuses. At least so thinks Merilin Taimre alias Paljas Porgand. 
Merilin is a 25-year old young woman whose blog Paljas Porgand has thousands of followers. She has significant authority in many areas of life for young people who read her blog to obtain new recommendations and tips in cooking, eating, work out, beauty and so on. She even shares recipes because she has also released two cookbooks. But the most important thing she emphasize is that we should love ourselves and do just what really make us happy.
The film brings to the viewers Merilin's descriptions of anorexia and the reasons that led her to this eating disorder, and opens her blogger-self, the daily life of Paljas Porgand in all its wildness and multicolour. Merlin's relationship with blogging and media is also featured in the film, and we become aware of her future goals.

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