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Accidents are not accidental (2017)

Original title (in Russian): "Случайности не случайны"

Students film | Melodrama Duration 26:41

Plot summary

This is a story of love triangle that appeared in life of main characters absolutely accidental. Aleksei is a worker, who earns a lot of money but also stays on shootings 24/7. His wife wants some attention from him, but he cannot give it to her. She even starts thinking may be he is cheating on her, and her friend Kate also tries to convince her in it. After argument Aleksei goes to bar and meets Zenya, funny and open person. They get drunk. And Zenya sends strange message “Answer, Human-Torch“ to his phone, in purpose to find Aleksei lost phone. But it stays at home, and wife notices that message. When Aleksei gets back, she says to Marina that he stayed with some cutie Zenya. And she is afraid that it could be his girl lover. She doesn't think that it can be man with name Eugeny.

Next day Marina and Aleksei became good pair again, but still Aleksei goes to work. Marina decides to make a romantic evening to her husband, and goes to shop with her friend Katya to get good underwear. Katya again speaks that Aleksei is a bad lover and she should search for new boyfriend.

Marina waits her husband after work, but he doesn't come home. So Marina writes on Zhenya's phone number to meet Aleksey’s lover, and she is writing from Aleksey’s name. They meet in cafe and Marina understands, how big mistake she made, thinking that her husband is cheating on her. But Zenya offers her a meeting, just to have some fun this evening and not stay at home alone. And Marina appears on this meeting because of woman curiosity. They have a spark between, so such meetings appear often and often. In the same time Alex and Zenya also become good friends, talking about their relationship with different Marinas, which is only one Marina in their lives. 

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