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The Eyeless Hunter. A Khanty Story (2016)

Original title: Silmadeta jahimees. Handi lugu

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Animation Duration 03:48

A Khanty man went hunting but did not bring home any catch. A wife stealthily followed her husband into the forest. The hunter lay down, took his eyes out and said, “Semlek re-rem-rem”. The wife seized the husband’s eyes. The next day an elk was trotting by the camp. The hunter killed the elk. Later the hunter entered the conical tent where the wife secretly ate the meat. The wife thought that her brother-in-law had come and covered her face as it was the Khanty custom to avoid husband’s male relatives seeing the wife’s face. The wife complained that her ...

Director: Priit Pärn | Olga Pärn

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Joonisfilm
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 03:48


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Producer Kalev Tamm
Director Priit Pärn | Olga Pärn
Screenwriter Priit Pärn | Olga Pärn
Art Director Priit Pärn | Olga Pärn
Animator Priit Pärn | Olga Pärn
Composer Timofei Ketšimov

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