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Gorilla Tourism (2016)

Title in Estonian: Gorillamajandus

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Documentary Duration 51:29

Gorilla Tourism

Rwanda in Eastern Africa is a place that already for the past twenty years, after the last civil war and genocide where almost a million people were killed, has been successful in avoiding ethnic conflicts and in constructing a new society of conciliation. The main source of income for the people in this country of the Hutu and the Tutsi is mainly agriculture; however, the strict rulers of the state want to turn this mountaneous country into one of the most modern and technologically developed small states of Africa. But the main source of financing this grand plan is mountain ...

Director: Märten Vaher

Keywords: changing of beliefs | jungle | expedition | expedition to the mountains | experiences | sources of subsistence | increase in standard of living | battle of survival | rural life | perspectives of life | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Rahvusringhääling
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue English, FILM_LANGUAGES_NONE
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 51:29


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Producer Piret Suurväli | Eero Spriit
Director Märten Vaher
Cinematographer Meelis Kadastik

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