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Together, yet Apart (2016)

Title in Estonian: Koos, aga eraldi

Documentary Duration 52:14

Ukraine is at war. Estonia has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2014, a year later also development aid was added. How will the aid reach those in need and whose condition will improve due to the aid? How do the local people live in Luhansk Oblast? How do the national refugees live?

Director: Aile Ellmann

Keywords: giving aid | helpers | people in need of help | helpfulness | development cooperation | inhumanity | harsh living conditions | injustice | Estonian | emigrants | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Rahvusringhääling
Film Category Documentary, Problem oriented
Text / Dialogue Russian, Ukrainian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 52:14


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Producer Piret Suurväli | Eero Spriit
Director Aile Ellmann
Cinematographer Peep Plakso
Editor Margus Vettik

First releases

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  • on television: 30.11.2016, ETV, Estonia

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