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Undeground (2015)

Original title: Põranda all

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Documentary Duration 36:00

PÕRANDA ALL / UNDERGROUND is based on the well known political process held in Estonia almost forty years ago, and portrays several renowned dissidents, as well as those who did not remain in the spotlight due to certain historical circumstances. Story focuses on an important aspect of Estonia's underground freedom fight – the sharing and distribution of information. Everyone had their own motivation for joining underground movement but all of them sacrificed themselves for freedom. And did freedom claim them as one of their own?
The film is based on the well known political process in 1975 held in Estonia, and ...

Director: Marianna Kaat

Keywords: arrestment | Brezhnev era | dissidents | human rights | KGB | trial | memorandum | memories | recollections of Soviet time | nõukogude võimu õõnestamine | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Baltic Film Production
Film Category Documentary
Duration 36:00


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Producer Marianna Kaat
Director Marianna Kaat
Screenwriter Marianna Kaat | Kaja Villem | Andres Maimik
Cinematographer Max Golomidov
Composer Juri Wagner
Editor Helis Hirve

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