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Renaissance (2012)

Original title (in Estonian): "Renessanss"

Students film | Drama Duration 22:38

Plot summary

Margus Raid's short film is about overworked stockbroker's queer adventures what lead him to understand love and peace are the most important things in life at the end.

A stockbroker Heinrich, who's only goals in life are success and money, is starting his regular day with cofffee and cocain, when suddenly he eavesdrops a secret conversation of two younger colleagues of his, in WC, while having a diarrhea. Heinrich hurries back to his office to make that investment of his dreams, based on a conversation he had heard. he invests almost all portfolio of the company he works for. After few minutes it turns out that the information was false, his colleague, who also used the information had shot himself, and it seemed to be the fate of Heinric as well: he had became a economical criminal, besides, had lost millions of his company's money.
His first thought is: bank robbery! After failing pitiably, he also decides to end his life in outskirts, in some abandoned building  - but fails even more pitiably with that: a car full of men in tights crashes him just a second before the fatal shot. Turns out the men in tights are criminals, who have just robbed a bank. For them it seems suspicious they find a guy with a gun from their secret meeting place, they end up shooting one another, and when Heinrich wakes up in the morning, he finds a bunch of corpses and a bagful of millions of euros from the car. He takes taxi, to get the money to the right place and save his situation, but his thoughts change after getting in a traffic jam, caused by two fat fighting newrich boors, and a row of "Hare Krishna" mantra singing people. Heinrich has a wound, he feels suddenly his life might end soon, and some girl from the "Hare Krishna movement" bring Moonika into his head. Moonika, a girl who has lived in his unconsciouness throughout the story, becomes suddenly the most important being in Heinrich's life, even more than money. He realizes he needs to tell her he loves her, before he dies. Taxi turns around, the taxi driver takes him quickly to Moonika's house and helps him even out of the car, help even to tell her he loves her and ask if she would marry him. Heinrich faints. Moonika doesn't understand: but they were married already?
"Love and piece are the most important things in life", sais Heinrich, telling his story to a younger prisoner and had ended up in prison, fighting prisoners on a background.

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