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Lotte from Gadgetville (2006)

Original title: Leiutajateküla Lotte

Animation | Family Duration 80:55


Synopsis 2
Lotte is a lively and joyful girl-dog living in a village somewhere on the seashore. The inhabitants of the village have
a curious hobby. The invention of simple machines is held in great esteem and a yearly invention contest is the most important day in their calendar.
Lotte’s father Oscar works on a new invention, as does his main competitor Adalbert. The day before the contest Lotte and her best friend Bruno go for a refreshing swim. They find an old book floating on the waves. It turns out to be in Japanese, with interesting pictures of rabbits in white clothes and even one bee. When they hang the book out to dry, the bee falls down from between the pages. He is Susumu, a Japanese judo assistant sensei, who was caught between the pages of a falling book and has travelled across the ocean.
The invention contest begins and after some topsy-turvy events, Oscar is announced the winner. In the middle of the celebration, Susumu makes a judo hurl to bring the utterly disappointed Adalbert back to his senses. What is this? Soon the whole village is using this new invention for every purpose imaginable – to put the children to bed in the evening, to
build a fence, to hang clothes out to dry. Susumu tells Lotte more about judo and soon they are rehearsing the holds and tricks. Mother forbids Bruno to be involved in any kind of sport, but there are ways around the rules. And a third young kid, Albert, joins them secretly.
Oscar and Lotte have a plan for how to help Susumu back home. They hear about a judo contest in Japan and all three kids join him on the journey to Japan to test their skills. Has the lively and impatient Lotte managed to learn to balance her nature with patient rehearsal?
Eesti Joonisfilm.


Lotte is the soul and motor of all undertakings in the film. Obliging, optimistic and adventurous, clearly a leader by nature. Lotte is a girl dog who has many traits characteristic of boys. At the same time, Lotte can also be femininely gentle and coquettish. VOICE: Energetic, lively and childish.
Unlike Lotte, Bruno is not a leader but rather a follower, so to speak. Bruno is meek, restrained and a true friend.
VOICE: Romantic high-pitched boy’s voice.
Young rabbit Albert is reserved and withdrawn. Albert’s father Adalbert’s endless failures cause Albert to avoid other children. At the same time, Albert’s greatest wish is to find friends. VOICE: Turned inward, slightly lower-pitched than Bruno’s.
Lotte’s father Oskar is a serious inventor by nature. Oskar’s world is above all his inventions. At the same time, he is prepared to give fatherly tenderness. VOICE: Serious, a little on the grumpy side.
Adalbert the rabbit is spurred on by his irresistible wish to become famous ever since childhood. Due to his impatient nature, Adalbert never thoroughly thinks through any of his undertakings, and that leads to continual failures. Adalbert is an inveterate optimist, setbacks do not daunt him. VOICE: Attractive, ranges from high to low.
A former world traveller, old dog Klaus spends his retirement napping in his old travelling suitcase and playing his harmonica. Klaus’s favourite activity is telling his plentiful travelling stories. VOICE: Old, friendly and slightly gravely. Speaks in some sort of known dialect.
Jaak the fly is a windbag who inflates the importance of his own role. VOICE: Attractive, comic, uses plenty of parasitic words and odd expressions.
Susumu the bee is a foreigner. He has found himself in another culture and learns to get to know it. This activity often becomes comical. VOICE: Speaks with a slight accent, pronouncedly. His voice is grotesque, somewhere in between a male and female voice.
Eesti Joonisfilm.

It’s Good To Be
Lyrics Vladislav Koržets

Just being is good, so good.
No need to be without being, no need.
No way to un-be, indeed, indeed,
We've got the whole world and the land and the seas…

And I am and you are.
At least you're coming from afar.
Come to us and have some fun,
Fun is life that's just begun.

Welcome to Gadgetville
Lyrics Renārs Kaupers

Let me take you on a trip
Leave at home your keys and grip
And if you are the one who can’t stand still
I know you would love to come to Gadgetville

Catch me, catch me if you can
Let’s invest the newest bike or pan
And our smiles keep spinning this world
While we smile it’s turning faster, faster

Different but still the same
I’ll be happy if you call my name
Don’t mater if it’s sun or rain
I’ll be happy if you call my name

Kiss me, kiss me on a cheek
Stay another day or week
And our smiles’ll keep spinning this world
While we smile it’s turning faster, faster
Different but still the same
I’ll be happy if you call my name
Don’t matter if it’s sun or rain
I’ll be happy if you call my name

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