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Coast of Winds (1971)

Original title: Tuuline rand

Based on the novel "Coast of Winds" by Aadu Hint

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Feature film | Drama Duration 79:08

The people of Kaugatoma fisherman's village start to build their own ship in order to earn a living independently from the local baron who does everything to prevent the collective action. Despite that the new ship "Kaugatoma" will hoist its white sails. However, the power of money becomes decisive for organizing the collective action and for the captain, Tõnis Tihu, and his relationship with the local community and his family. He leaves his wife Liisu with whom he has a son and marries a well-off widow. As a captain, it lies in Tõnis's power to take care of his seamen, ...

Director: Kaljo Kiisk

Keywords: forsaking one's loved one | ballet | prophetic signs | enterprisingness | fishermen | overseer | ship christening | ship launching | master of a ship | stowaway | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color bw
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full lenght feature
Genre Drama
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Dubbing Russian
Duration 79:08


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Director Kaljo Kiisk
Screenwriter Aadu Hint | Aleksandr Borštšagovski
Cinematographer Jüri Garšnek
Art Director Halja Klaar
Costume Designer Hilda Kruusi
Composer Lembit Veevo
Sound Designer Roman Sabsay
Editor Kai Schönberg
Content Editor Grigori Skulski
Writer of Adapted Work Aadu Hint
Managing Director Arkadi Pessegov


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Jüri Järvet - Hollmann | Hugo Laur - Blind Kaarli | Silvia Laidla - Viia | Bronius Babkauskas - Baron | Rudolf Allabert - Steersman | Enn Kraam - Cleric | Karin Karm - Cleric's wife | Aili Leetva - Baron's wife | E. Kann - Cleric's daughter

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  • in cinema: 03.01.1972, Tallinnas, Estonia

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