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The Midday Ferry (1967)

Original title: Keskpäevane praam

Digitized in 2012

Feature film | Drama Duration 75:00

Very different people meet on a ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu on a June day: a hairdresser with her educated husband; her handicapped brother with his sister's neglected child; four female students of linguistics and four young specialists; a group of islanders returning home; and two stowaways - a young couple in love. The steersman of the ferry is having a hangover and breaks the ferry regulation while letting two fuel vehicles on board. It turns out during the trip that there is a truck on board where something has caught the flame.

Director: Kaljo Kiisk

Keywords: greed | cowardliness | couple in love | placing cars on a ferryboat | blond woman | selfishness | egocentrism | fears | yearning for good life | Midsummer's Day | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color bw
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Drama
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 75:00


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Director Kaljo Kiisk
Screenwriter Juhan Smuul
Cinematographer Jüri Garšnek
Art Director Linda Vernik
Composer Lembit Veevo
Sound Designer Roman Sabsay
Editor Eugen Rozental
Content Editor Lennart Meri
Managing Director Kullo Must


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Robert Gutman - Driver of Moskvich | Rudolf Allabert - Man in Moskvich | Kalju Komissarov - Man in Moskvich | Milvi Kruse-Brodskaja - Young woman in Moskvich | Mare Garšnek - Young woman with bike | Aime Tükk - Young woman with bike | Malle Moissejeva - Young woman with bike | Ruth Repnau - Young woman with bike | Nikolai Krjukov - Aviator

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  • in cinema: 29.05.1967, Tallinnas, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Award, Film Festival of Baltic States, Byelorussia and Moldavia (USSR), 1968, Diploma - for original approach to modern topic; Pize of Moldavian Filmmakers’ Union - Mioritsa
  • Award, USSR Film Festival (USSR), 1968, Jury Special Prize: Uno Loit
  • Participation, Estonian Film Days in Alma-Ata (USSR), 1967

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