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Men in Soldier's Overcoats (1968)

Original title: Inimesed sõdurisinelis

Based on the novel "The Two Selves of Enn Kalm" by Paul Kuusberg

Feature film | Drama | War Duration 84:49


After being mobilized to the Red Army and their hard experience in the battalions, Estonian soldiers are formed into the Estonian Rifle Corps. Many of them, including Enn Kalm, lack motivation to fight. On their long way back to homeland and during the battles at Velikiye Luki, the Estonian men will recover their strength and realize the idea of fighting. On the banks of Emajõgi River, Enn and his fellow soldiers have to face their compatriots who wear the enemy's uniform. What about the feelings and behaviour of the men who had to put on the soldier's overcoats due to the times of war? The war film depicts the real side of the war without pathos and the way hard-working Estonian soldiers relate themselves to the war, yearning for coming back home.

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