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Names in Marble (2002)

Original title: Nimed marmortahvlil

Based on the novel "Names in Marble" by Albert Kivikas

Feature film | Epic, historical | Drama | War Duration 90:00

The war drama based on the novel "Names in Marble" by Albert Kivikas has broken all-time box-office record in Estonia, telling the story about schoolboys who have become voluntary soldiers fighting for the freedom of their homeland. It is a catching story about becoming a man, about the first love and the high price of freedom. Will they be awarded with love and fatherland, or will they become just names engraved in marble?

Director: Elmo Nüganen

Keywords: stopping time | invincibility | saving the loved one | love at first sight | Estonians on opposite sides | getting wounded | escapes and chases on horseback | patriotic songs | desire to defend one's country | Defence Forces | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Taska Film, Matila Röhr Productions (Finland)
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Epic, historical, Drama, War
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles Russian, English, Finnish, Swedish, ungari, Portuguese, Japanese, hiina, Slovak, Czech, Estonian
Duration 90:00


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Producer Kristian Taska | Ilkka Matila
Co-producer Ilkka Matila
Director Elmo Nüganen
Screenwriter Elmo Nüganen | Kristian Taska
Cinematographer Sergei Astahhov
Art Director Kalju Kivi
Costume Designer Eugen Tamberg
Composer Margo Kõlar
Sound Designer Ivo Felt | Pekka Karjalainen
Editor Jukka Nükanen
Writer of Adapted Work Albert Kivikas


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Ott Sepp - Mugur | Mart Toome - Miljan | Argo Aadli - Konsap | Bert Raudsep - Käämer | Jaan Tätte - Captain | Hannes Kaljujärv - Head of the militia corps | Guido Kangur - Karakull, Marta's uncle | Martin Veinmann - Head of the battalion

First releases

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  • in cinema: 30.10.2002, Cinema Kosmos, Tallinn, Estonia
  • in cinema: 01.11.2002, Cinema Coca -Cola Plaza, Tallinn (public premiere), Estonia
  • in cinema: 01.11.2002, Finland

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Prize, Annual Award of AV Division of Estonian Cultural Endowment (Estonia), 2002, Debut Award: Elmo Nüganen
  • Prize, Listapad - Minsk International Film Festival (Byelorussia), 2003, Jury's Special Mention: Margo Kõlar; Jury's Special Mention: Young Actors of the Film
  • Prize, KINOSHOCK - Open Film Festival for states of the CIS and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Anapa, Russia), 2003, Jury's Special Diploma

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