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Summer (1976)

Original title: Suvi

Based on the stories "Summer" and "Toots' Wedding" by Oskar Luts

Digitally remastered in 2009-2011 under the programme of Estonian Film 100

Feature film | Comedy Duration 80:34

Joosep Toots is always playing a practical joke on someone and Jorh Adniel Kiir keeps failing in everything he does. Both of them try to win Teele's heart; however, the moody young woman seems to be extremely determined. The beloved actors and actresses from "Kevade", the first part of the film trilogy, appear again in the roles while having grown up in the meantime. "Summer" depicts the life of the early 20th century in a humorous way while the lyrical undertone is provided by beautiful Estonian landscapes and the soundtrack familiar from "Spring".

Director: Arvo Kruusement

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Comedy
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Russian
Dubbing Russian
Duration 80:34


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Director Arvo Kruusement
Screenwriter Paul-Eerik Rummo
Cinematographer Jüri Garšnek
Art Director Linda Vernik
Costume Designer Imbi Lind
Composer Veljo Tormis
Sound Designer Roman Sabsay
Editor Ludmilla Rosental
Content Editor Kalju Haan
Writer of Adapted Work Oskar Luts
Managing Director Arkadi Pessegov


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Ants Jõgi - Steward | Arnold Kasuk - Church minister | Enn Klooren - Thief | Aleksei Zahharov - Patrolman | Udo Kukk - Banker

First releases

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  • in cinema: 27.03.1976, Rakvere, Estonia
  • in cinema: 06.1977, Moskva, USSR
  • in cinema: Restaureeritud filmi taasesilinastus 10.11.2011, Kino Artis, Tallinn, Estonia

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