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Teardrop of Evil (1993)

Original title: Saatana pisar

Feature film | Thriller | Supernatural Duration 94:00

In 1939, once again Preimann, a Baltic German baron, and Leppikson, a native Estonian, confront each other in Estonia. In this game evil forces arise - Soviet counterintelligence, the diplomacy of the Fascist Germany, involuntary dreams and black magic, satanists and traitors. The evil forces are opposed by the courage and love between Polish writer Joanna and Estonian detective Gunnar. Will they succeed in preventing a magic ritual where the Satan itself is being invited? Will this be enough in order to save Europe from the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

Director: Marek Piestrak

Keywords: naked women | detective | prophecy | hotel | kidnapping | cruelty | lawyer | seagulls | fishing port | cat | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm , Zespół Filmowy «Oko» (Poland), Eskomfilm (Russia)
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Thriller, Supernatural
Text / Dialogue Russian
Subtitles English, Estonian
Duration 94:00


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Producer Mati Sepping | Dariusz Strusczak
Director Marek Piestrak
Screenwriter Wojciech Jędrkiewicz
Dialogue Writer Marek Piestrak | Wojciech Jędrkiewicz | Janusz Pawłowski
Cinematographer Janusz Pawłowski
Art Director Priit Vaher
Costume Designer Tarvo Jaansoo
Composer Sven Grünberg
Sound Designer Krzysztof Wodziński | Ülo Saar | Tiina Pruuden
Editor Zbigniew Kostrzewiński
Content Editor Tõnu Karro


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Oskar Liigand - Servant Paavo | Marina Levtova - Agent Elsa | Tõnu Saar - Lab assistant | Sergei Desnitski - Hotel manager | Evald Aavik - Monk | Tõnu Aav - Tavern keeper | Carmen Mikiver - Mimi | Raimo Pass - Young typographer | Egon Nuter - Detective

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  • in cinema: 06.03.1993, Estonia
  • in cinema: 29.07.1994, Poland

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