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Hello, Minsk! ... Hello, Zagreb! (1987)

Title in Estonian: Halloo, Minsk! ... Halloo, Zagreb!

Documentary Duration 24:19

Hello, Minsk! ... Hello, Zagreb!

The documentary provides an emotional overview about Estonian chess grandmaster Jaan Ehlvest's performance at chess tournaments in Minsk and Zagreb. Ehlvest gains 3th-4th place at the championship of USSR in Minsk and shares 2nd-3rd place at the world championship in Zagreb. The competition stress mainly reflects from the coaches's and journalists's emotions, their support and forwarding news to the radio audience.

Director: Peep Puks

Keywords: journalists | journalist's occupation | newspaper office | referee (chess) | airport | plane taking off | airborne plane | chess school | chess match | chess champion | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color bw
Sound sound
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English, Russian
Duration 24:19


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Director Peep Puks
Screenwriter Peep Puks
Cinematographer Hans Roosipuu
Composer Andres Valkonen
Content Editor Jüri Škubel
Managing Director Vaike Mesila

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