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Left hanging in the air (2024)

Original title in Estonian: Jäi õhku

Students film Duration 10:14

Left hanging in the air

An introspective short documentary film about childhood memories that date back to the time when the author was involved in competitive sports. Through these stories, the filmmaker looks at the beliefs through which she learned to see herself as a child, but which may have outlived their time today.

Director: Johanna Mägin

Keywords: personal story | childhood experience | dedication | sports | dreams | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) TLÜ Balti filmi, meedia ja kunstide instituudi (BFM) dokumentaalfilmi MA õppekava
Film Category Students film, Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Voiceower Estonian
Subtitles English
Duration 10:14


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Producer Johanna Mägin
Director Johanna Mägin
Cinematographer Johanna Mägin | Jürgen Volmer
Sound Designer Helena Kõiv
Editor Karmen Aasa

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Participation, NÖFF - Women’s Nights Film Festival (Rapla, Märjamaa; Estonia), 2024
  • Participation, Best of BFM - BOB (Tallinn, Estonia), 2024

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