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Bad Ass Merike (2024)

Original title: Vinge mutt

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Documentary Duration 27:30

Bad Ass Merike

Between the Southern Estonian hills, there is a Tobra stable where trainer Merike Markus has 27 riding horses and 70 children to look after. Merike has one hand and low demands on her own well-being, but a big soul and high demands on the humanity of children and the friendliness of horses. On the surface, life in the Tobra stable ticks like a peaceful everyday cycle, but it's not like that. Every day brings something new. Through Merike, who herself lives through the lives of all his students, trainees, every meeting in training begins with what has happened in the ...

Director: Andres Keil

Keywords: changing of seasons | passing of time | sharing one's life's experience | lifestyle | biography | horses | horse stable | hobuste takistussõit | hobuste treenimine | horse riding | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Pimik
Film Category Documentary, Portrait
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 27:30


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Producer Jaak Kilmi | Andres Keil
Director Andres Keil
Screenwriter Andres Keil
Cinematographer Madis Reimund | Andres Keil
Composer Ardo Ran Varres
Sound Designer Tanel Roovik
Editor Andres Keil

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  • in cinema: 23.01.2024, Sõprus, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 18.02.2024, ETV, Estonia

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