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Salme: Ancient Viking Burial Ships (2021)

Original title: Salme viikingid

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TV Serial Duration 4x28:00

In the first part of the documentary series, we dive head first thousand years back and find out what the Viking Age was all about.
The second episode of the series focuses on the excavations. What exactly was found and why is it so special? Plus, the archaeologists recall the emotions the spectacular find stirred in them.
The third part of the series looks at how the Viking remains found in Saaremaa were studied and what the analyses revealed. Science is advancing every day, and from the bones it is possible to tell a great deal about a person who died ...

Director: Liis Lindmaa

Keywords: history | archaeology | archaeologists | archaeological excavations | archaeological findings | archaelogical excavations | funeral | maritime history | sõjaretked | Viking | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Ulm
Film Category TV Serial, ETV/ERR Serials
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 4x28:00


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Producer Anatoli Tafitšuk
Director Liis Lindmaa
Screenwriter Sigrid Salutee
Cinematographer Meelis Mikker | Simmo Saska | Rasmus Kosseson | Joosep Kask
Art Director Ketlin Kasar
Costume Designer Helen Moppel
Editor Liis Lindmaa | Elar Järvet
Content Editor Sigrid Salutee

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