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Art and the Cold War. Esthetic Resistance (2024)

Original title: Kunst ja külm sõda

Documentary Duration 85:00


A story about the relationship between independent Soviet art and the West. It recalls a time when art was larger and more important than life itself. But also a time, the like of which Estonian art has never seen and most likely will never see again. On one side, there are independent Soviet artists who lack not only the output but also the finances to complete their works. On the other side, there is the tempting West whose ambassadors (in the literal sense) take active interest in the Soviet underground art market. Selling one’s works to the West is a tricky business since the almighty KGB stands between the two mutually interested parties. Nevertheless, an incredible quantity of mainly Estonian and Moscowian visual art is sold and taken across the border. This is facilitated mainly by Western diplomats, behind whose coordinated actions stands none other than the CIA.

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