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What Would You Take? (2023)

Original title: Mille Sina võtaksid?

Documentary Duration 23:00

What Would You Take?

Home. Your home. Your place. Your memories. Your belongings. In the blink of eye, it’s gone.
Stories of twelve people from Ukraine who suddenly had to leave their home, taking only the bare essentials and a cherished belonging that speaks to their life.

Director: Heilika Pikkov

Keywords: the survived | meaning of life | will of life | mother | fear | horse | personal story | traveling on foot | narrating | karjakoplid | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Silmviburlane
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Russian, Ukrainian, English
Subtitles Estonian, English, Ukrainian, Russian
Duration 23:00


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Producer Ülo Pikkov
Director Heilika Pikkov
Cinematographer Kaupo Kikkas | Heilika Pikkov
Animator Sander Joon
Composer Maarja Nuut
Sound Designer Markku Tiidumaa
Editor Heilika Pikkov

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  • at other places: 01.06.2023, exhibition opening, 12 Star Gallery, London, United Kingdom
  • on filmfestival: 09.11.2023, New York Baltic Film Festival, United States

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