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Mittens made of plastic - Genka, Dew8 (2023)

Original title in Estonian: Plastikust käpikud - Genka, Dew8

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Students film Duration 04:40

Mittens made of plastic - Genka, Dew8

The music video consists of overly stylised visuals of animal brutality, air pollution, youth playing with bones, trashed nature, a city concealing the ugly horrors of rape, violence, hatred and racism behind the millions of inhabitants with millions of other worries, where “she was asking for it. look at what she was wearing” is an excuse, but “they are just rapists” is an insult and a home, where a person should feel the safest in, but the enormities of the world are caving in – living rooms full of trash, just like the streets. violence between lovers, who have never ...

Director: Emily Bruus

Keywords: brutality | Weltschmerz | insensitivity | violence | View all »

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Production Firm(s) TLÜ Balti filmi, meedia ja kunstide instituudi (BFM) audiovisuaalse meedia õppekava
Film Category Students film, Music video
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 04:40


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Producer Sten Toom
Director Emily Bruus
Cinematographer Sofiya Babiy
Art Director Kadri Joala
Editor Eik Erik Sikk


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