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Estonian Defence (1993)

Original title: Eesti kaitse

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Documentary Duration 39:58

In 1993, Estonian National Defence celebrates its 75th birthday. Soviet military forces have not left yet when the restoration of national defence has been founded. Various state and voluntary structures are looking for the right anwers in forming defence policy. The director is intrigued by the national level of protection and the politicians' rights to decide for or instead of the nation how to protect the state (and nation). These problems have always been vital for Estonia. The prequel of the documentary introduces a long excursion to history - from the War of Independence to the year of 1940, while ...

Director: Andres Sööt

Keywords: military service | cadets | digging a trench | members of the Defence League district | defence policy | desire to defend one's country | members of the Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion | recruiting of call-up selectees | firing exercises | hammering flag nails | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Tallinnfilm
Color color
Sound sound
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Finnish
Voiceower Estonian
Duration 39:58


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Director Andres Sööt
Screenwriter Andres Sööt
Writer of Dialogue Heikki Aasaru
Cinematographer Andres Sööt
Sound Designer Henn Eller
Editor Marju Juhkum
Content Editor Heikki Aasaru
Managing Director Vello Samm

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  • at other places: 18.05.1993, Tallinna Kinomaja, Estonia

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