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Feathers or Glamour (2023)

Original title: Suled või glamuur

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Documentary Duration 28:18

The apocalyptic tendencies of the first COVID wave in 2020 led hundreds of people living in urban settlements to start keeping chickens in their backyard. Following three different families in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, the documentary investigates how a chicken turned from egg-centric rural bird into a trendy urban pet. How does she feel in the City? Is chicken the new dog?
Living beak to beak with humans has made chickens more self-aware, more individualistic and more human-like in every way. Weird accessories, bizarre glamorous events and uncommonly good living conditions now form a part of the urban chicken's everyday ...

Director: Eva Kübar

Keywords: official | car ride | bohemian home | COVID-19 | performance | performance | illness | taking care of birds | riding a bicycle | walking | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Kuukulgur Film
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles English
Duration 28:18


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Producer Alvar Reinumägi
Director Eva Kübar
Cinematographer Simmo Saska | Ants Tammik | Nele Aunap | Eva Kübar
Sound Designer Sten Sheripov
Editor Nele Aunap

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