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The Old Man and Gas Worm (2022)

Original title: Vanamees ja põrsauss

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Animation | Comedy | Horror Duration 25:37

The Old Man and Gas Worm

A mysterious Snakepig steals the Old Man's prized pig. Now the Old Man has twenty-four hours to defuse the pig bomb, or the whole village will blow up! Priidik asks the Old Man to start the rusty tractor to stop the Snakepig. But the Oldman has red the critics devastating review of the Old Man Film in the newspaper and does not want to commit himself to a new feature film. The old man prefers short sketches for a full-feature film. In the sketches, the Old Man has to give birth in the barn, we meet a scary monster that ...

Director: Mikk Mägi

Keywords: alcohol problems | alcoholic | doctor | living room | hospital | yearning | insult | coma | hallway | sheep | View all »

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Production Firm(s) BOP Animation
Film Category Puppet, Animation
Genre Comedy, Horror
Duration 25:37

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