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Face Recognition (2021)

Original title: Näotuvastus

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Animation | Comedy Duration 06:45

Face Recognition

In the city, surveillance cameras are watching everything. Detecting our every move. A man, Igor is spotted jaywalking at a red light. ALERT! A camera identifies him. The police rush out.
Interior bar, Igor orders his first beer. Shortly after, a police squadron pulls up in front of the bar. Igor already drunk; on his 5th round - his face begins to morph into a gorilla's. The police storm the bar. Their face detectors fail to find the target. Gorilla-Igor invites the squad over for a drink. Sour and defeated, the police consider and give in – drowning their sorrows in ...

Director: Martinus Klemet

Keywords: alcohol consumption | inhumanity | harsh living conditions | gorilla | human being | inimese võõrandumine | humanity | forsaking humanity | loss of humanity | human weaknesses | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Animartinus
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Genre Comedy
Duration 06:45

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  • on filmfestival: 18.08.2021, Animist Tallinn, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Participation, Animist Tallinn (Estonia), 2021
  • Participation, Odense International Film Festival (Denmark), 2021
  • Participation, Minikino Film Week (Bali, Indonesia), 2021

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