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Matz (2021)

Documentary Duration 27:53


The young and bright Estonian para swimming star Matz Topkin is remarkable in both his speed as well as his personality. Matz is an example for young swimmers, but he has something in him that he can teach to anyone. Matz disability was discovered only at birth; hence it was a big surprise for his large family. They already had two children and his mother Merje had plans to build a career in opera singing, but instead devoted most of her time and energy to little Matz. His siblings have always been good aids and haven’t treated him differently. In fact, Matz has been the joker of the family and has even acted as the caretaker of his younger family members. Therefore, they have never seen Matz as someone with a disability. The whole family has a winner’s mentality and every setback has given Merje the strength to be more demanding - that at a time, when schools and doctors tried to sit Matz down in a wheelchair. Matz himself however decided to raise his chin up and aspire to high goals.

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