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Nowtime (2021)

Documentary Duration 7:45

A workaholic top lawyer, Heather Reynolds, decides to change her life. She leaves California to settle on a volcanic island in the Pacific and become Vyana the Mermaid. She is not the only one who has reevaluated the norm and returned to its mythical being.
A creative documentary strives to create a perspective between the anticipated and the unexpected, and encourages you to play and dream.

Director: Aet Laigu

Keywords: Americanism | Americans | pool | lack of reality | verbalization of one's life values | revaluation of life values | childhood experience | burnout | recollecting | recollections from the past | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Meteoriit
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue English
Duration 7:45


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Producer Aet Laigu
Director Aet Laigu
Cinematographer Aet Laigu | Aivo Rannik | Angy Chesle | Paul MacIsaac
Composer Harry J. N. Parsons
Editor Villem Roosa

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