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Friend of Songs (1961)

Original title: Laulu sõber

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Feature film | Comedy Duration 75:05

Tõnu, student of agronomy, is a trainee at a flourishing collective farm. He finds out that there are many talented singers there among whom there is Malle with a specially beautiful voice. However, the local community club is closed and the singing ground has been turned into a pasture. Malle's father is the manager of the collective farm and considers singing a waste of time. When the collective farmers hear about Tõnu's conducting skills, they will act against the manager's will. The big song festival is going to be held soon and people want to go there. Preparations of the ...

Director: Ilja Fogelman | Reet Kasesalu

Keywords: journalist | jealousy | authoritarian | brigade leader | conductor | amateur performers | collective farm | head of a collective farm | collective farm party | choral singing | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Tallinna Kinostuudio
Color bw
Sound sound
Film Category Feature film, Full length feature
Genre Comedy
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Dubbing Russian
Duration 75:05


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Director Ilja Fogelman | Reet Kasesalu
Screenwriter Egon Rannet
Dialogue Writer Egon Rannet
Cinematographer Ilja Fogelman
Art Director Rein Raamat
Costume Designer Hilda Kruusi | Maimu Vannas
Composer Valter Ojakäär
Sound Designer Roman Sabsay
Editor Ludmilla Rosental
Content Editor Valter Kruustee
Managing Director Arkadi Pessegov


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Karl Kalkun - Oskar Kallak, brigade leader | Betty Kuuskemaa - Mari, Oskar's mother | Aino Seep-Breede - Linda, wife of the brigade leader | Eve Kivi - Aime, journalist | Valter Soosõrv - Sammas, head of choir | Valdeko Ratassepp - Kivi, organizer at the Communist Party | Jüri Järvet - Ott Kuu, tractor driver | Reet Krosman - Sillak, member of the Young Communist League | Endel Nõmberg - Conductor

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  • in cinema: 18.06.1961, Estonia
  • in cinema: 29.04.1962, USSR

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