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Swing, Axe and the Tree of Eternal Love (2020)

Original title: Kiik, Kirves ja Igavese Armastuse Puu

Feature film | Comedy | Drama Duration 82:00

Swing, Axe and the Tree of Eternal Love

A regular day at the car shop comes to an end when two friends Kiik and
Eerik discover their boss’s dead body. After Kiik finds his girlfriend cheating him with a local playboy, he suffers a mental breakdown and runs away. Kiik becomes fixated with cutting off all memories of his old relationship that includes chopping down a tree at the other side of the country where they gave a vow for eternal love. Kiik and Eerik hit the road.

Director: Meel Paliale

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Production Firm(s) Tallifornia
Film Category Feature film, Full lenght feature
Genre Comedy, Drama
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 82:00


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Producer Rain Rannu | Tõnu Hiielaid
Director Meel Paliale
Screenwriter Urmet Piiling | Meel Paliale
Cinematographer Markus Mikk
Art Director Urmet Piiling | Meel Paliale
Sound Designer Breth Bachmann
Editor Meel Paliale

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