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Celebration (2019)

Original title: Prazdnik

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Documentary Duration 67:00


The town of Maardu in Estonia organises an annual Ukrainian-themed festival, called "Sorochinsky Fair"; after the short story by Nikolai Gogol. More than 15,000 people come every year. This is the largest Ukrainian fair outside of Ukraine, and it has even been entered into the Ukrainian Book of Records. The film is structured like a work of literature, being made up of a number of interconnected stories. The full variety of the fair and beauty contest is presented from different angles and viewpoints: that of the festival organisers; the actor playing Gogol; the instructor from the local beauty school; the ...

Director: Vladimir Loginov

Keywords: African music | aloe | accordion play | accordionist | alcoholic | applause | applauding | applauding audience | applauding crowd | beatbox | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Volia Films, Anthill Films
Film Category Documentary
Text / Dialogue Russian
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 67:00


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Producer Volia Chajkouskaya | Vladimir Loginov
Director Vladimir Loginov
Cinematographer Max Golomidov
Sound Designer Dmitri Natalevitš
Editor Vladimir Loginov

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